A Perfect Stranger and Other Stories

Roxana Robinson’s beautifully rendered prose captures moments of domestic drama—sometimes painful, sometimes ecstatic, always heartrending and illuminating.

Joyce Carol Oates

In Roxana Robinson’s lucid and elegant prose, her characters’ inner worlds open up to us, revealing private emotional cores that are familiar in their needs, their secrets, and their longings. These people tell us the truth–not only about themselves, their relationships, and their lives, but about ourselves as well. A Perfect Stranger powerfully and affectingly examines the complex, intricate network of experiences that binds us to one another. These stories are tender, raw, lovely, fine–and they reaffirm Roxana Robinson’s place at the forefront of modern literature.

Robinson’s ear is wonderful, her graceful prose a real pleasure.

Publishers Weekly, starred reviews

Thirteen splendid stories in an elegant third collection from Robinson (Sweetwater, 2003, etc.) range widely to give us a peek into the obsessions and troubles of the well-versed and well-off.

Kirkus** Reviews, starred review

A Perfect Stranger is a strong collection from a writer who knows that within each adult forever resides that bewildered child, still seeking to understand what the grown-ups are talking about, still making his or her way in an eternally foreign land.

Carole Goldberg, The Hartford Courant

Robinson … is particularly good at charting the ebb and flow of affection and fury within relationships.

Bliss Broyard, The New York Times