This Is My Daughter

Often compared to John Cheever…but Robinson’s latest novel made me think of an earlier literary forebear, Henry James.

The New York Times

When Peter and Emma, both refugees from failed first marriages, decide to create a new life together, they do so with an optimistic commitment to creating a union — and forging a new family from two existing ones — bonded by love and trust. Their young daughters, however, are not partners in this new venture, but helpless participants. Like all children of divorce, the girls feel sorrow, loss, and a longing for their earlier lives. As the tensions and complexities grow steadily more powerful, This Is My Daughter moves inexorably to a stunning and emotional climax. Roxana Robinson, who has established a reputation as a perceptive chronicler of WASP family life, delivers a beautifully moving and compassionate account of a marriage in peril, proving once more that class and privilege provide no protection from the passion of opposing desires.

Robinson writes lucid and graceful prose that shines with compassion and wisdom about human frailty.

Publishers Weekly

“Nearly perfect prose…there isn’t an awkward phrase or false note in the entire work. Robinson depicts this family’s struggle to survive with unerring intelligence and grace.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Roxana Robinson’s amazing new novel is about insightful people who go too long without introspecting and about judicious people who quite simply make errors in judgment.

Ann Beattie

In This Is My Daughter, Robinson has created a skillful and sensitive portrayal of divorce and its post-nuclear-family fallout.