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Interview How the Authors Guild Helps Working Writers 2017-Mar-28 Writerly
Interview Expletive Repeated: Why Swearing Matters 2017-Mar-16 CBC Radio
Interview On an episode of The Writer’s Zone with host Genevieve Morgan. 2016-Oct-25 The Writer’s Zone
Interview The Meaning Of Elena Ferrante (Whoever She May Be) 2016-Oct-04 WBUR On Point
Interview Elena Ferrante: Frantumaglia 2016-Apr-29 The Greene Space at WNYC & WQXR
Reading Georgia O'Keeffe: The Life We Want 2016-Jun-20 The Center for the Study of Transformative Lives
Interview Kathleen Harrington / Sparta: A Conversation with Roxana Robinson 2014-Sep-24 War, Literature, and the Arts
Commentary The Indispensability of Writers Forgotten in Amazon-Hachette Battle 2014-Jul-13 NPR
Interview Amazon Versus The Book Publishers 2014-Jun-04 WBUR's On Point with Tom Ashbrook
Interview How Amazon Is Tony Soprano 2014-May-26 BloombergBusinessweek
Interview The PEN Ten with Roxana Robinson, interviewed by Lauren Cerand 2014-May-11 PEN America
Reading Fact & Fiction: David Finkel and Roxana Robinson - Part One 2014-Jan-21 Center for Fiction
Reading Fact & Fiction: David Finkel and Roxana Robinson - Part Two 2014-Jan-21 Center for Fiction
Interview “Accuracy of the Moment,” interview by Mariette Kalinowski 2013-Dec-14 Brooklyn Rail
Interview The Beecher Legacy, Part II 2013-Nov-13 Levi Asher, Interview
Interview The Beecher Legacy, Part I 2013-Nov-10 Levi Asher, Interview
Interview With Mark Herz, WSHU 2013-Aug-01 NPR
Interview Host, Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension 2013-Jul-25 Talk of the Towns, WERU
Interview Q&A with Pricilla Gilman. 2013-Jul-15
Interview On Point: Roxanne Robinson and Sparta, with Tom Ashbrook, WBUR 2013-Jun-24 On Point, WBUR
Interview David Abrams discusses Sparta. 2013-Jun-12 The Quivering Pen
Interview Interview by Edward Champion 2013-Jun-10 The Bat Segundo Show
Interview The Radiator: Write The Book, Shelagh Shapiro, Radio 105.9 FM, Burlington, VT 2013-Jun-05 Radio 105.9 FM
Reading Roxana Robinson reads from Sparta at the Center for Fiction in New York City 2013-Jun-03 Center for Fiction
Interview A Troubled Iraq War Vet Returns Home in Roxana Robinson’s Sparta, Jane Ciabattari, The Daily Beast, Newsweek 2013-Jun-02 The Daily Beast, Newsweek
Interview Roxana Robinson on Sparta, Killing People, Iraq, and Writing, MaryAnne Kolton, LA Review of Books 2013-Jun-02 LA Review of Books
Interview Under False Pretences: PW Interviews Roxana Robinson, Alexis Burling, Publishers Weekly 2013-May-26 Publishers Weekly
Interview Christmas Commentary, NPR, All Things Considered, WSHU 2012-Dec-23 All Things Considered
Interview In a Brooklyn Cafe, It’s Write! Camera! Action! Jennifer Schuessler, The New York Times 2012-Nov-18 The New York Times
Interview "The Cry of the Loon", NPR, All Things Considered 2012-Aug-08 All Things Considered
Interview "Edith Wharton on Mount Desert Island," talk at College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine 2012-Jul-11 College of the Atlantic
Interview The Leonard Lopate Show, Honoring Edith Wharton, NPR, WNYC 2012-Mar-26 The Leonard Lopate Show
Interview Edith Wharton, NPR, WSHU 2012-Jan-23 NPR
Interview Roxana Robinson on Edith Wharton’s House of Mirth, NPR, on the WNYC series, American Icons, 2011-Nov-10 American Icons
Interview "The Mountain Lion," All Things Considered, NPR, WSHU 2011-Nov-01 All Things Considered
Interview A Reflection on a 9/11 Loss, NPR, WSHU 2011-Sep-06 NPR
Interview Reconsidering Uncle Tom’s Cabin on the 200th birthday of Harriet Beecher Stowe, NPR, WSHU 2011-Jun-12 NPR
Interview "Up Front: Roxana Robinson," The Editors, The New York Times 2011-Jan-13 The New York Times
Interview Poets and Writers 40th Anniversary 2010-Nov-21 Poets and Writers
Interview Studio 360, Roxana Robinson on American Idol: Edith Wharton, The House of Mirth 2010-Oct-28 Studio 360
Interview Roxana Robinson—coffee and conversation with Karen Waldron, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine 2010-Sep-25 College of the Atlantic
Interview "At the Beach," story by Roxana Robinson, read by William Hope (33 min.) 2009-Dec-31 Spoken Ink
Interview "For a Writer, a Home With a Hideout," Constance Rosenblum, The New York Times 2009-Jul-09 The New York Times
Interview "Beyond Team of Rivals: Books to Stock on Air Force One," Margo Hammond and Ellen Heltzel, Huffington Post 2009-Jan-08 Huffington Post
Interview Maine Public Broadcasting Network, Maine Things Considered 2008-Aug-26 Maine Things Considered
Interview Interview with Leonard Lopate at WNYC 2008-Jul-30 Leonard Lopate
Interview The Book Show, WAMC 2008-Jul-13 WAMC
Interview On Point with Tom Ashbrook, WBUR 2008-Jun-24 WBUR
Interview "A Novel’s Twists Immerse a Writer in the World of Addiction," Cynthia Magriel Wetzler, The New York Times, 2008-May-31 The New York Times
Interview Reading by novelist Roxana Robinson at the College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine 2007-Jan-23 College of the Atlantic