Sparta included in Eleven Poignant Books from Exceptional Voices in Modern Fiction

The books listed here are written by talented authors who have crafted poignant stories full of compelling characters and thought-provoking plots.

Dawson’s Fall on Washington Post’s The 10 books to read in May

“a story with as much to do with America’s present as America’s past.”

Set It Down: PW Talks with Roxana Robinson

Robinson imagines the lives of her great-grandparents in an unrepentant South two decades after the end of the Civil War in Dawson’s Fall (FSG/Crichton, May).

Poets & Writers to Honor Reginald Dwayne Betts, Neil Gaiman, Roxana Robinson

Poets & Writers today announced that the 2019 Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Awards will be given to Reginald Dwayne Betts, Neil Gaiman, and Roxana Robinson. The Writers for Writers Award was established by Poets & Writers in 1996 to recognize authors who have given generously to other writers or to the broader literary community.

“Breathing” in The New Yorker

“On weekends, my husband and I are in a house near a lake, surrounded by woods. We are miles away from everything. When we wake up there, it is to silence, and for some time on those mornings we lie still, letting the day gather around us, listening to each other breathe.”

Teaching “Madame Bovary”

“Each fall, I teach Madame Bovary to my graduate writing students at Hunter College, and each fall I read it with them. My course is called Introduction to the Modern: The Role of Compassion. So we look at modernism, and how it disrupts the literary world, and at compassion, and how it expands the soul. I ask my students a fundamental question about intention: Does Flaubert want us to feel contempt or compassion for his characters?”

Roxana Robinson: Writers on Writing

What is the most important thing you’ve learned about writing?

 The need for empathy. Empathy enlarges the writer’s understanding, engages the reader, and widens the story…

The Writer’s Zone

On an episode of The Writer’s Zone with host Genevieve Morgan.

The Meaning Of Elena Ferrante

(Whoever She May Be)

Italian writer Elena Ferrante is in the headlines after her true identity was revealed. But we’ll look at the bigger story: How she speaks so powerfully to women’s journeys. Podcast with Elissa Schappell, and Ann Goldstein on WBUR’s “On Point.”

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Dear President

In a quest for thoughtful reflection about the future of our country, Poets & Writers invited a group of writers to share their hopes for the nation with the next president of the United States, whoever that may be.

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