Cover for Summer Light
Publisher: University Press of New England
Published: June 25, 1987
ISBN: 9780874517385
Summer Light

Summer Light is the story of a young woman hovering between careers, between marriages, between lives—and of the summer that throws her off balance and onto her feet. Laura is in her middle 30s, separated but not yet divorced from her philandering husband. She is spending the summer on the Maine coast with Ward, the man she lives with; Sam, her 3-year-old son; her sister, Sarah; Sarah’s husband, Richie; and their two adolescent daughters. It was supposed to be a tranquil family summer, full of berry picking, sailing, days spent in the sun and evenings before the fire—but it doesn’t turn out quite that way.

  • Chosen for inclusion in the Pennsylvania Writers Collection 1988
  • Washington Irving Book Award, Westchester Library Association