Cover for Sweetwater
Published: December 8, 2007
ISBN: 9780307431882
Publisher: Random House
Published: May 13, 2003
ISBN: 9780812967340

Isabel Green’s marriage to Paul Simmons, after the death of her first husband, marks her reconnection to life — a venture she’s determined will succeed. But this proves to be harder than she’d anticipated, and the challenges of starting afresh seem more complicated in adulthood. Staying at the Simmons lodge for their annual summer visit, Isabel finds herself entering into a set of familial complexities. She struggles to understand her new husband, his elderly, difficult parents and his brother, whose relationship with Paul seems oddly fraught. Furthermore, her second marriage begins to cast into sharp relief the troubling echoes of her first. Isabel’s professional life plays a part as well: a passionate environmental advocate, she is aware of the tensions within the mountain landscape itself during a summer of spectacular beauty and ominous drought.

  • Named Barnes and Noble Best Books of 2003
  • Named a New York Times Notable Book of the Year
  • Named a Book Sense choice
  • Named a Literary Guild Featured Alternate Selection
  • Named Chicago Tribune Best Books of 2003