Cover for This Is My Daughter
Publisher: Touchstone
Published: September 16, 1999
ISBN: 9780684864365
ISBN: 6.84864363e+08
This Is My Daughter

When Peter and Emma, both refugees from failed first marriages, decide to create a new life together, they do so with an optimistic commitment to creating a union—and forging a new family from two existing ones — bonded by love and trust. Their young daughters, however, are not partners in this new venture, but helpless participants. Like all children of divorce, the girls feel sorrow, loss, and a longing for their earlier lives. As the tensions and complexities grow steadily more powerful, This Is My Daughter moves inexorably to a stunning and emotional climax. Roxana Robinson, who has established a reputation as a perceptive chronicler of WASP family life, delivers a beautifully moving and compassionate account of a marriage in peril, proving once more that class and privilege provide no protection from the passion of opposing desires.

  • Washington Irving Award, Westchester Library Association
  • Named a Notable Book of the Year by The New York Times