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Essays “Returned to the wild: A 3,500-acre estate outside London is ruled by nature” 2019-Jan-04 The Washington Post
Book Reviews “Christie Watson Is a Lovely Writer — and, Judging From This Book, a Gifted Nurse” 2018-Jul-05 The New York Times
Essays “Breathing” 2018-Jul-05 The New Yorker
Essays “The Contradictions of Hemingway’s House in Cuba” 2017-Dec-21 The New Yorker
Essays “Teaching “Madam Bovary”” 2017-Nov-05 The New Yorker
Essays “Writers, Veterans, Citizens take to the Halls of Congress” 2017-Feb-21 Literary Hub
Book Reviews “For Two Small-Town Families, War Is the Tie That Binds” 2017-Jan-27 The New York Times Book Review
Essays “Donald Trump: Making the Word ‘Pussy’ Great Again, Bigly” 2017-Jan-25 Literary Hub
Essays “Morning After” 2016-Nov-09 The Center for Fiction
Essays “Introduction to LOVING, by Henry Green” 2016-Oct-14 New York Review Books
Essays “The violation of Elena Ferrante” 2016-Oct-05 The Washington Post
Essays “Dear President: A Message for the Next Commander in Chief From Fifty American Poets and Writers” 2017-Aug-23 Poets & Writers
Essays “Authors Guild: Letter from the President” 2016-Mar-27 Authors Guild
Essays “How Google Stole the Work of Millions of Authors” 2016-Feb-07 Wall Street Journal
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Book Reviews “‘Youngblood’ review: A novel about the Iraq War from a soldier who was there” 2016-Jan-22 The Washington Post
Essays “Why Fiction Matters” 2015-Oct-07 The Center for Fiction
Book Reviews Sweet Caress, by William Boyd” 2015-Sep-18 New York Times Sunday Book Review
Essays “Against Lolita” 2015-Sep-16 Literary Hub
Essays “An introduction to Elizabeth Taylor’s A View of the Harbour 2015-Jun-02 New York Review Books via Lithub
Essays “Remembering Robert Stone” 2015-Jan-22 The Center for Fiction
Book Reviews “Faith and Suspicion: On Marilynne Robinson’s ‘Lila’” 2015-Jan-06 The Nation
Essays “Sparta” 2014-Sep-25 War, Literature, and the Arts
Book Reviews My Life as a Foreign Country by Brian Turner” 2014-Sep-15 Washington Post
Book Reviews “Between Women”

On Elena Ferrante’s ‘Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay’

2014-Sep-05 New York Times Sunday Book Review
Essays “The Right to Write” 2014-Jun-28 The New York Times
Essays “Away” 2014-Jun-01 Virginia Quarterly Review
Essays “Army of Shadows” 2014-Jun-01 Bookforum
Essays “On Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heroin” 2014-Feb-04 2 Paragraphs
Anthologies & Collections “Facing the Change: Personal Encounters with Global Warming”

edited by Steven Pavlos Holmes

2014-Feb-01 Torrey House Press
Essays “Reading to Write”

I like to read before I write.

2013-Dec-15 Glimmer Train, Bulletin, 82nd issue, Winter 2013
Essays “A Tribute to Alice Munro”

“I think I started reading Alice Munro in the early 1980s. I think the first book was The Lives of Girls and Women. It was an odd title, but I was drawn to it, because, if you’re a woman, that title reminds you that your own experience is different from others – by others I mean men, whose experience dominates the literary world—and suggests that your experience merits its own book.”

2013-Oct-10 The Center for Fiction
Essays “Writers on Munro”

“Like Chekhov, Alice Munro never sets out to make a political point. She isn’t sexist, she has no axe to grind. She’s simply bearing witness to the human experience…”

2013-Oct-10 The New Yorker
Book Reviews “Love Story Electrifies Beneath The Silhouette ‘Of Venus’”

On Transit of Venus by Shirley Hazzard

2013-Sep-15 NPR
Book Reviews “Review of Someone, latest novel by Alice McDermott” 2013-Sep-09 Washington Post
Essays “The Dark Heart of James Salter”

“We no longer require compassion from the literature we admire. We admire writers who celebrate irony, disdain, contempt.”

2013-Jun-25 Slate
Essays “Burn Your Letters?”


2013-May-23 The New Yorker
Essays “God Calls”

Culture Blog

2013-Apr-04 The New Yorker
Essays “Heart’s Desire”

Story of the Week

2013-Mar-17 Narrative Magazine
Essays “Opera on HD”

Culture Blog

2013-Mar-01 The New Yorker
Essays “New York’s Phantom Bookstores”

Culture Blog

2013-Feb-06 The New Yorker
Essays “How I Get to ‘Write’”

Culture Blog

2013-Jan-04 The New Yorker
Anthologies & Collections “What My Mother Gave Me”

Edited by Elizabeth Benedict (Algonquin, 2013)

2013-Jan-01 Algonquin
Travel “A Different Sort of Nature: The Gardens of Kyoto”

Appeared as A Different Nature in T+L Magazine, October issue

2012-Oct-01 Travel and Leisure
Essays “Response to Jonathan Franzen on Edith Wharton”

Center for Fiction, August, 2012

2012-Aug-01 Center for Fiction
Book Reviews “Marilynne Robinson’s ‘When I Was a Child I Read Books’: Essays on faith, reading”

Review of When I Was a Child I Read Books by Marilynne Robinson

2012-May-14 The Washington Post
Essays “Edith Wharton, a Writer’s Reflections” 2012-Apr-11 The Millions
Essays “The Strange Career of Frank Dawson”

Opinionator Blog, State of Our Disunion

2012-Mar-20 The New York Times
Essays “The Lethal Consequences of Fracking”

February 23, 2012

2012-Feb-23 The Boston Globe
Book Reviews “Anne Enright’s The Forgotten Waltz

Anne Enright’s new novel, The Forgotten Waltz, is the luxury sedan. Everything in it is perfectly engineered, and it’s so beautifully written that you could read it once just for the dazzle of the prose, then start over for the content.

2011-Nov-03 The Washington Post
Essays “My Wooden Deer Carving”

p. 216

2011-Nov-03 Real Simple
Essays “Great-Aunt Hattie’s ‘Little Book’”

Opinionator Blog, State of our Disunion. Harriet Beecher Stowe was my great-great-great aunt.

2011-Sep-18 The New York Times
Essays “In the North Tower” 2011-Sep-11 Boston.com
Essays “VS Naipaul and Women’s Tosh”

Center for Fiction, June 5, 2011

2011-Jun-05 Center for Fiction
Essays “Naipaul’s Comments Reflective Of ‘Hubris”

Sunday Weekend Edition

2011-Jun-05 NPR
Book Reviews “Francisco Goldman’s Say Her Name

How much of our own lives should writers use as material? What should we reveal and what hold back? What, for a writer, is privacy? Do writers even have private lives? These are questions raised by Francisco Goldman’s newest book, Say Her Name.

2011-Apr-14 The Washington Post
Essays “Up Front: Roxana Robinson”

by The Editors

2011-Jan-14 The New York Times Book Review
Book Reviews “Stories of Dislocation and Relocation”

Review of Edith Pearlman’s, Binocular Vision

2011-Jan-14 The New York Times Book Review
Book Reviews “Philip Roth’s Nemesis

For decades, Philip Roth has written the long narrative of the Jewish American experience, shining on it the light of his considerable intelligence. His latest book, Nemesis, addresses a biological threat to his community in the 1940s.

2010-Oct-05 The Washington Post
Essays “Paralyzed: Learning to Live in the Shadow of Polio”

Harper’s Magazine

2010-Sep-18 Harper’s
Essays “Vanishing Point” 2010-Jul-01 More magazine
Short Stories “Honey” 2010-May-01 The American Scholar
Short Stories “This Is America”

on Kindle

2010-Apr-01 The Atlantic
Short Stories “The Bureau” 2010-Apr-01 H.O.W. Journal
Book Reviews “The Privileges”

Jonathan Dee’s The Privileges

2010-Jan-12 The New York Times Book Review
Anthologies & Collections “Table of Contents”

Recipes from today’s best-selling authors, edited by Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp (Adams Media, 2010)

2010-Jan-01 Adams Media
Anthologies & Collections “More New York Stories”

Stories from The New York Times City Section, edited by Constance Rosenblum (NYU Press, 2010)

2010-Jan-01 NYU Press
Short Stories “The Trade”

issue #11, “Make Believe,” winter issue

2009-Dec-01 PEN Journal
Essays “Kentucky Bread”

Winter Reading, volume 11, number 2, winter 2009–2010

2009-Nov-01 Tin House
Book Reviews “Richard Russo’s That Old Cape Magic 2009-Aug-16 The New York Times Book Review
Essays “Stopping Heroin Before It’s Too Late” 2009-Jul-30 The Boston Globe
Essays “Unpacking”

online, ‘Paper Cuts’ blog

2009-Jun-09 The New York Times
Essays “The Writer’s Notebook” 2009-Jun-09 The New York Times
Essays “Soul Train” 2009-May-01 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Nancy Clark’s, The Hills at Home 2009-Mar-09 The New York Times
Essays “And if that mockingbird don’t sing” 2009-Mar-06 International Herald Tribune
Essays “A Mockingbird’s Cry of Desperation” 2009-Mar-05 The Boston Globe
Book Reviews “The Good Parents” 2009-Feb-22 *The New York Times Book Review* / *International Herald Tribune*
Essays “On John Updike” 2009-Jan-29 NBCC
Book Reviews “Carlos Fuentes’ Happy Families 2008-Oct-12 The Washington Post
Short Stories “The Finish Line” 2008-Oct-01 Good Housekeeping
Essays “Classics: On Edith Wharton” 2008-Jul-15 Chekhov's Mistress
Essays “Campaign for the American Reader” 2008-Jul-07 Campaign for the American Reader
Essays “Book Notes: Cost” 2008-Jun-27 Largehearted Boy
Essays “A Literary Glass Ceiling” 2008-Apr-19 Chicago Tribune
Essays “My Mother’s Home”

*N.Y./Region Opinions

2007-Dec-23 The New York Times
Short Stories “The Leap”

winter issue

2007-Dec-01 The American Scholar
Essays “Nan”

October issue

2007-Oct-01 More magazine
Essays “Natural Resources Defense Council”

on the natural world from July 18 through July 29.

2007-Jul-18 NRDC Action Blog
Anthologies & Collections “Bad Girls: 26 Writers Misbehave”

edited by Ellen Sussman (W. W. Norton July 9, 2007)

2007-Jul-09 W. W. Norton
Essays “The Novelist and the Curious Cabbie”

City Section, page 3

2007-Jun-03 The New York Times
Essays “Drowning in Apathy”


2007-Jan-14 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Anthologies & Collections “The Empty Nest”

edited by Karen Stabiner (Hyperion, 2007)

2007-Jan-01 Hyperion
Anthologies & Collections “Mr. Wrong”

edited by Harriet Brown (Ballantine Books, 2007)

2007-Jan-01 Ballantine Books
Anthologies & Collections “Introduction to The New York Stories of Edith Wharton” 2007-Jan-01 New York Review of Books
Essays “Wild Duck”

winter issue

2006-Dec-01 The Southern Review
Essays “The Night Ride”

November issue

2006-Nov-01 More magazine
Essays “The Monarch and the Milkweed” 2006-Sep-07 International Herald Tribune
Essays “The Monarch and the Milkweed”

Op-Ed, September 6, 2006

2006-Sep-06 The Boston Globe
Essays “Mother, Once Removed”

June 2006

2006-Jun-01 Real Simple
Travel “Sailing Through the Classics”

Sailing on the Sea Cloud, Turkey

2006-Feb-04 The New York Times
Essays “Watching as the World Vanishes” 2006-Jan-01 The Boston Globe
Anthologies & Collections “This Is Not Chick Lit: Original Stories by America’s Best Women Writers”

edited by Elizabeth Merrick (Random House, 2006)

2006-Jan-01 Random House
Anthologies & Collections “My Father Married Your Mother”

edited by Anne Burt (W.W. Norton, 2006)

2006-Jan-01 W. W. Norton
Essays “This Dog’s Life”

October/November issue

2005-Oct-01 Women’s Health
Essays “Gendered Genres” 2005-Aug-21 Chicago Tribune
Essays “On Writing”

Pen on Fire: Writers on Writing

2005-Jul-12 Pen on Fire
Essays “NRDC Action Blog” 2005-Jul-01 NRDC Action Blog
Essays “Writing Spaces” 2005-Apr-27 The Happy Booker
Short Stories “A Perfect Stranger” 2005-Apr-01 One Story
Book Reviews “In the Company of Crows and Ravens”

John M. Marzluff and Tony Angell’s, In the Company of Crows and Ravens, Yale University Press

2005-Jan-01 The Wilson Quarterly
Essays “Foreword to The Best Early Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald”

edited by Bryant Mangum, published by Modern Library, 2005

2005-Jan-01 Modern Library
Essays “Coyote”

vol. 33, no. 3

2005-Jan-01 Mississippi Review
Essays “Breathing Partners”


2004-Oct-10 The Boston Globe
Short Stories “Intersection”

Fall issue

2004-Sep-01 Ms. magazine
Travel “New Zealand’s Natural Wonders”

Travel and Leisure, July, 2004

2004-Jul-01 Travel and Leisure
Short Stories “Blind Man”

Summer issue

2004-Jun-01 Daedalus
Travel “To Russia, With Books”

Travel Section

2004-May-02 The New York Times
Essays “A Hare Out of Season”


2004-Feb-16 The Boston Globe
Travel “The Lairs of the Russian Literary Lions”

St. Petersburg

2003-Dec-14 The New York Times
Essays “The Setting of Sweetwater” 2003-Dec-01 Adirondack Life
Essays “My Dog Lacey”

fall issue

2003-Sep-01 The Bark
Essays “The Fabric of Life in a Meadow”

July/August issue

2003-Jul-01 Fine Gardening
Travel “Wombats and Wallabies”

Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia

2003-Jun-01 The New York Times
Essays “A Calm, Quiet Place: Watermark” 2003-Jun-01 House Beautiful
Short Stories “At the Beach” 2003-May-01 Good Housekeeping
Essays “Introduction to The Old Maid: The Fifties”

The Old Maid: The Fifties, by Edith Wharton, Modern Library, 2003

2003-Jan-01 Modern Library
Essays “Box Step”

p. 72

2002-Dec-01 House and Garden
Short Stories “Treatment” 2002-Sep-01 The Atlantic Monthly
Essays “Chandelier”

City Section, p. 11

2002-Aug-18 The New York Times
Book Reviews “The Last Summer”

John Hough’s The Last Summer

2002-Jul-28 The Washington Post
Book Reviews “On Eugene McCabe’s, Death and Nightingales 2002-Apr-21 The Washington Post Book World
Anthologies & Collections “City Secrets: New York City”

edited by Robert Kahn (The Little Bookroom, New York, 2002)

2002-Jan-01 The Little Bookroom
Anthologies & Collections “110 Stories: New York Writes After September 11”

edited by Ulrich Baer (NYU Press, 2002)

2002-Jan-01 NYU Press
Essays “Here Comes the Mother of the Bride” 2001-Aug-01 Vogue
Essays “Great Expectations”

Lives column

2001-Jan-17 The New York Times Magazine
Essays “The Ice Age” 2001-Jan-07 The New York Times Book Review
Anthologies & Collections “Writing for a Lifetime: Contemporary Readings From Popular Sources”

edited by Jane Maher (Prentice-Hall, 2001)

2001-Jan-01 Prentice-Hall
Anthologies & Collections “Writers on Writing: Collected Essays From the New York Times”

edited by John Darnton (Times Books, New York, 2001)

2001-Jan-01 Times Books
Anthologies & Collections “Best American Mystery Stories of 2001”

edited by Otto Penzler (Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 2001)

2001-Jan-01 Houghton Mifflin
Short Stories “Family Christmas” 2000-Dec-01 The Atlantic Monthly
Essays “Listening Silence”

p. W17

2000-Oct-20 The Wall Street Journal
Essays “Dogs in My Life” 2000-Sep-01 Victoria Magazine
Short Stories “The Face-Lift” 2000-Aug-01 The Atlantic Monthly
Essays “If You Write the Story…”

Writers on Writing column

2000-Jul-17 The New York Times
Travel “A Walking Trip in the Sicilian Countryside” 2000-Mar-01 Travel and Leisure
Book Reviews “Karen Bender’s Like Normal People 2000-Jan-01 The Washington Post
Short Stories “Assistance” 1999-Dec-01 The Atlantic Monthly
Essays “Instant Intimacy”

Lives column

1999-Apr-04 The New York Times Magazine
Essays “When Tragedy in Literature Is a Family Affair”

Books Column: On Reading

1998-Nov-01 The Boston Globe
Essays “Censorship or Common Sense”


1998-Oct-19 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Susan Minot’s Evening 1998-Oct-11 The New York Times
Essays “Personal Growth” 1998-May-01 House and Garden
Book Reviews “Dorothy Allison’s Cavedweller 1998-Apr-05 The Washington Post
Book Reviews “David Gates’, Preston Falls 1998-Feb-01 The Washington Post
Anthologies & Collections “The Second Penguin Book of Modern Women’s Short Stories”

Edited by Susan Hill (Michael Joseph, London, 1998)

1998-Jan-01 Michael Joseph
Book Reviews

Thomas Caplan’s, Grace and Favor

1997-Dec-14 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Fernanda Eberstadt’s When the Sons of Heaven Meet the Daughters of the Earth 1997-Mar-30 The New York Times
Essays “The Stepmother” 1997-Feb-01 Vogue
Book Reviews “Janet Peery’s The River Beyond the World 1996-Dec-10 The Washington Post
Book Reviews “Shena Mackay’s The Orchard on Fire 1996-Nov-03 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Mona Simpson’s A Regular Guy 1996-Oct-06 The Washington Post Book World
Travel “Horses of Another Color”


1996-Jul-21 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Louise Erdrich’s Tales of Burning Love 1996-Apr-21 The Washington Post
Short Stories “The Favor”

January 1996

1996-Jan-01 The Atlantic Monthly
Anthologies & Collections “Mothers: Twenty Stories of Contemporary Motherhood”

edited by Katrina Kenison and Kathleen Hirsch (Farrar Straus, New York 1996)

1996-Jan-01 Farrar Straus
Book Reviews “Sue Miller’s The Distinguished Guest 1995-May-07 The Los Angeles Times
Short Stories “King of the Sky” 1994-Nov-01 Harper’s
Short Stories “Leaving Home” 1994-Sep-01 The Atlantic Monthly
Travel “Carl Larsson’s House”


1994-May-29 The New York Times
Anthologies & Collections “The Best American Short Stories 1994”

Edited by Tobias Wolfe and Katrina Kenison (Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1994)

1994-Jan-01 Houghton Mifflin
Book Reviews “Beatrice Kert’s, Abby Aldrich Rockefeller 1993-Oct-26 The New York Times
Short Stories “Sleepover”

Summer issue

1993-May-01 Glimmer Train
Book Reviews “Mary Morris’s, A Mother’s Love 1993-Apr-25 The New York Times
Short Stories “Mr. Sumarsono” 1993-Apr-01 The Atlantic Monthly
Book Reviews “Diane Johnson’s Natural Opium 1993-Jan-24 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Louis Auchincloss’s False Gods 1992-Mar-15 The New York Times
Art History “William M. Harnett”

edited by Doreen Bolger, Marc Simpson, and John Wilmerding. Essays by Roxana Robinson, et al. (New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Harry Abrams, 1992)

1992-Jan-01 Harry Abrams
Anthologies & Collections “Introduction to A Matter of Prejudice”

A Matter of Prejudice, by Kate Chopin (Bantam 1992)

1992-Jan-01 Bantam
Anthologies & Collections “Contemporary New England Stories”

edited by C. Michael Curtis (Boston, Globe Pequot Press, 1992)

1992-Jan-01 Globe Pequot Press
Book Reviews “Peter Cameron, Far-Flung 1991-Sep-29 The New York Times
Book Reviews “On David Small’s Alone 1991-Jul-21 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Learning to Look and Gallery Going”

On John Pope-Hennessy, Learning to Look: My Life in Art *Jed Perls, Gallery Going: Four Seasons in the Art World*

1991-Jun-30 Newsday
Short Stories “The Time for Kissing” 1991-Feb-01 The Atlantic Monthly
Short Stories “At the Heart of My Life (Graduation)” 1990-Sep-01 Wigwag magazine
Travel “Bulls, Bravery, and Bounty in St.-Remy”

Summer in Provence

1990-May-27 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Rebels on 8th Street: Julianna Force and the Whitney Museum of American Art”

On Avis Berman, Rebels on 8th Street: Julianna Force and the Whitney Museum of American Art

1990-Apr-01 The New York Times
Short Stories “A Glimpse of Scarlet” 1990-Mar-01 New York Woman
Anthologies & Collections “The Resourceful Writer: Readings to Accompany the Harbrace College Handbook, Second Edition”

edited by Suzanne S. Webb (Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1990)

1990-Jan-01 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
Travel “On the Ancient Nile, a Modern Voyage” 1989-Oct-29 The New York Times
Travel “A Puritan at the Helm”

Sophisticated Traveler

1989-Mar-12 The New York Times
Anthologies & Collections “Wives and Husbands: 20 Stories About Marriage”

edited by Michael Nagler and William Swanson (New York, Mentor Books, 1989)

1989-Jan-01 Mentor Books
Travel “Investing in an Absence of Civilization”

Safari in Africa

1988-Dec-04 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Jill Paton Walsh, Lapsing 1988-Jan-24 The New York Times
Short Stories “Charity Dance”

(LSU, Baton Rouge) Winter issue

1987-Dec-01 The Southern Review
Short Stories “Charity Dance” 1987-Jul-01 The Fiction Magazine
Travel “Total Immersion in a Flood of French” 1987-Feb-22 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Dorie Friend, Family Laundry 1987-Jan-18 The New York Times
Travel “John Gardner Tennis Ranch” 1986-Nov-23 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Parlour 4 and Other Stories”

The New York Times; J.I.M. Stewart, Parlour 4 and Other Stories

1986-Aug-10 The New York Times
Travel “The Lure of London’s Chelsea Flower Show” 1986-Apr-13 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Francis King, One Is a Wanderer 1986-Mar-02 The New York Times
Short Stories “Snowfall”

London, February issue

1986-Feb-01 The Fiction Magazine
Book Reviews “Monuments and Maidens: The Allegory of the Female Form”

The Philadelphia Inquirer; Marina Warner, Monuments and Maidens: The Allegory of the Female Form

1985-Dec-29 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Book Reviews “At Freddie’s”

The New York Times; Penelope Fitzgerald, At Freddie’s

1985-Sep-08 The New York Times
Short Stories “Layering”

London, August/September issue

1985-Aug-01 The Fiction Magazine
Book Reviews “Jewels”

The New York Times; Jill Tweedie, Jewels

1985-Apr-14 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Villa Aphrodite”

The New York Times; Thomas Baird, Villa Aphrodite

1984-Nov-25 The New York Times
Book Reviews “Three Novels”

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Isabel Colegate, Three Novels

1984-Mar-25 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Art History “Introduction to Arthur Dove”

Catalogue raisonne by Ann Lee Morgan (Newark, University of Delaware Press)

1984-Jan-01 University of Delaware Press
Short Stories “Getting On” 1983-Mar-28 The New Yorker
Art History “19th Century Picnic Paintings: An Arcadian Idyll”

Jan/Feb issue

1983-Jan-01 Art & Antiques
Art History “The Bathing Scene: People on the Beach in American Art, 1700–1900” 1981-Sep-01 Antiques World
Art History “Plane Truths”

Sep/Oct issue

1981-Sep-01 Art & Antiques
Art History “Land of Plenty: 19th Century American Picnic and Harvest Scenes”

Exhibition catalog, The Katonah Gallery

1981-Jan-01 The Katonah Gallery
Art History “Where Are America’s Missing Masterpieces?”

December, 1980

1980-Dec-01 ARTnews
Short Stories “Daughter” 1980-Nov-01 McCall’s
Art History “Plane Truths: 19th Century American Trompe l’Oeil Painting”

exhibition catalog, The Katonah Gallery

1980-Jan-01 The Katonah Gallery
“The Age of Blood and Iron: Marsden Hartley in Berlin” 1979-Oct-01 Arts
Art History “Shapes of Industry: First Images in American Art”

Exhibition catalog, Terry Dintenfass Gallery, New York

1975-Jan-01 Terry Dintenfass Gallery
Art History “Rousseau, Buffalo Bill, and the European Image of the American Indian” 1975-Jan-01 ARTnews