Expanded Edition of Georgia O’Keeffe: A Life Released

This new edition features a new foreword by the author setting O’Keeffe in an artistic context over the last thirty years since the book was first published, as well as previously unpublished letters of the young O’Keeffe to her lover, Arthur Macmahon. It also relates the story of Robinson’s own encounter with the artist.

How I Met the Reclusive Georgia O’Keeffe

The story of two encounters—one in life, the other on the page. Read at The New Yorker

Holding Virginia Woolf in Your Hands, in The New Yorker

Virginia Woolf and Roxana Robinson

“A Quid Pro Quo Mystery” in The New Yorker

Column by Mary Norris, called “A Quid Pro Quo Mystery”

A Writers’ Plea: Stop Using Quid Pro Quo

Letter to The New York Times: Please stop using “Quid Pro Quo.”

“The Rivalry Between Ida and Georgia O’Keeffe,” in The New Yorker

“The Rivalry between Ida and Georgia O’Keeffe,” in The New Yorker

Sparta included in Eleven Poignant Books from Exceptional Voices in Modern Fiction

The books listed here are written by talented authors who have crafted poignant stories full of compelling characters and thought-provoking plots.

Dawson’s Fall on Washington Post’s The 10 books to read in May

“a story with as much to do with America’s present as America’s past.”